Whether your product is already widely available across the United States or you are in the early stages of exporting, The Spirited Somm can help you define the right opportunities and leverage the proper tools to grow your business. Our core expertise lies in the following area of business:


As Benjamin Franklin once said, “failing to plan is planning to fail”, and I strongly believe that this statement is particularly true when it comes to the US wines & spirits market. Unfortunately, too many producers do not have access to the information/knowledge they need to make the right decisions for their brand and therefore fail at both planing their development and achieving their objectives. Fortunately, The Spirited Somm is here and can help you bridge that gap with the US market. Based on your development stage and objectives, we can help you think through the best options for your business and create the right framework for success.


As extreme as it may seem, too many producers approach the US market with the same marketing tools they developed for the Chinese or Russian markets. No need to say that there is room for improvement in this scenario, not only in terms of look and feel but also in terms of relevance for the audience. From refreshing your branding to adapting your key messages, The Spirited Somm can help you develop the proper marketing supports to present your story and products to potential buyers, both at the trade and consumers levels.


Whether you are trying to gain the trade’s interest or generate awareness among consumers, it is necessary to build your product’s credentials to develop your brand’s legitimacy in the US. Should it be in the form of a rating, a review or a medal, any distinction represents a strong asset when approaching potential buyers, and we highly encourage each and every producer to consider these cost-efficient ways of getting some attention. From a targeted PR push to a strategic product submission, The Spirited Somm can help you define and leverage the best opportunities for your brand.


While getting your product on the shelves is extremely important, getting consumers to purchase it is just as crucial. Not only will a quick product turnover maximize the rate of re-orders, but it will also draw a lot of attention and dedication to your brand at the distributors’ level. From in-store tastings to on-premise promotions, there are many opportunities for producers to push the sales and support their distributors’ salesforce. Based on your objectives and budget, The Spirited Somm can help you develop and implement the right promotion and incentive program for your brand and products.


Beyond sales-focused promotions and incentives, there are many other types of activations brands can consider to promote their products toward professionals and consumers. From a fully dedicated event aiming at educating Sommeliers or Bartenders to a strategic sponsorship to showcase your products toward consumers, The Spirited Somm can help you think and manage any activation you wish to implement on the market. Our services range from limited-scope specialty partnerships to fully integrated turnkey solutions.

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