Wether you are a trade professional looking to boost your beverage sales or a wines and spirits enthusiast in search of new discoveries for everyday drinking, The Spirited Somm can help you curate the best products for your business or your personal enjoyment within your budget and objectives. Our specialties include:


Based on your type of organization, customer base and objectives, we can assist you in the development of a unique beverage program for your business. We will work with you to define the services that fit you best and create an original beverage program either in-house or with the help of our most relevant partners around the country, including a wide range of award-winning bartenders, sommeliers and F&B managers with a proven track record in implementing successful beverage programs for bars, restaurants and hotels.


From restaurants’ sommeliers to the gentleman I call “my guy” at the corner liquor store, I have always valued the honest opinion of that one person that knows best about what the menu/store has to offer. Not only does it make me feel like I get the best possible deal every time, but it also is a huge opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and discover new things. This is the type of experience I personally value and get inspired from, and I aim to offer a similar one to my clients through my personal wine sourcing and shopping services. I will work with you on finding the best possible picks for your budget and provide you with new learning opportunities through pairings and tasting experiences – either for a one shot deal or on a regular basis.


Should you currently own a personal cellar or plan on having one, you must know how easy it is for bottles to get lost and forgotten for a while. While it may be worth a good surprise decades later, chances are the wine will be either oxidized, passed-peak, or even worst, turned into vinegar if the storing conditions are not optimized. Whether it’s because you are not sure of what type of food to best pair with your wines or what the peaking time for your 2011 Bordeaux is, we can help you get the best out of your cellar. We will sort through and organize your wines (and/or plan your next purchases) and provide a series of clear recommendations on storing conditions, drinking time, food pairings and personal preferences.


From a bottle of 2005 Château Margaux to a bottle of Park Cognac Single Barrel Chai n8 Borderies, there are a few bottles that I personally hold dear and will keep under seal for a few years. While I do not hold onto these particular ones for investment purposes but rather for later enjoyment, there are many bottles out there that are worth buying now with the purpose of making some money in a few years. Wether you are considering investing in collectibles for your personal enjoyment or as a financial opportunity, we can guide you through the process, recommend the best choices for your budget and help you acquire the products you are looking for.

To further discuss any of the beverage consulting services listed above, please feel free contact me.