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10 Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers

Holiday season is on full speed and whether you are still looking for the perfect gift or you are simply running out of time, we have you covered with our Top 10 gifts for wine lovers & professionals!

From stocking stuffers to memorable gifts, here is our holiday shopping guide to help you find the perfect gift for that wine-loving relative or industry-related friend that already has everything:


1. Wine-related wearable crafts ($5 – $35)

Simple and (usually) elegant, wine-related wearables are some of the most popular and best-selling items throughout the year.

Whether it’s for style or just for fun, there are many accessories made with recycled wine barrels and/or cork. They particularly make great stocking stuffers for any wine lover out there!

While there many different options at all price points, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Cufflinks
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Cork Bow-ties



2. Wine Subscription Membership ($30 – $300)

Perfect Gifts for wine lover

As obvious as it sounds, it’s easy to forget that what wine lovers enjoy the most is actually drinking wine!

The good news is the internet offers such a wide array of membership-based wine delivery services that it has become very easy to make the gift of wine supply.

From monthly to quarterly subscriptions, you will find membership options that fit both your budget and interests and will make someone very happy.

Here are a few options to look at:

Winc, WSJ Wine Club, Tasting Room, Hello Fresh



 3. Wine Folly: The Master Guide – Magnum Edition ($18)

Perfect Gifts for wine lover

(Because hardcover books are still in and they rock!)

If you have any interest in wine and haven’t heard of Wine Folly (yet), I highly recommend that you check both her website and social media pages for a bunch of amazing content.

Her infographics have become a reference in the world of wine, and her book “Master Guide – Magnum Edition” is definitely the most complete and accomplished compilation of her work so far.

Simple and easy to digest, this book is a comprehensive guide to understanding wine and will make a great gift for any wine lover, from complete newbie to confirmed enthusiast.

Where to find:



4. The World Atlas of Wine ($34.5)

Second book on this list, The World Atlas of Wine, has been a reference in the world of wine for many years and is definitely one of the most complete and thorough wine encyclopedias you can find.

As Eric Asimov (New York Times) would say, “The World Atlas of Wine is the single most important reference book on the shelf of any wine student” and therefore calls for a great gift for aspiring sommeliers.

Not only a must have for wine students, I believe that this book is also a very nice gift for any wine enthusiast who cultivates an interest in becoming more knowledgable.

Where to find:



5. The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste ($24)

Perfect Gifts for wine lover

Third and last book on this list, The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste, is also a reference in the world of wine and makes a perfect gift for any wine geek or aspiring sommelier looking to take their tasting skills to the next level.

The book, by Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay, takes the reader on a journey through Europe’s most renown wine regions and describes not only their terroir and production specificities but also their taste profile & characteristics.

A must have for experienced drinkers!

Where to find:



6. Wine Glassware ($35 – $350)

Perfect Gifts for wine lover
From a (simple) crystal decanter to a set of Burgundy wine tasting glasses, there are many wine-glassware options that make great gifts for wine lovers.

Despite the fact that companies like Riedel or Baccarat are known for their high-end glassware and offer a lot of choices on their website, make sure to look out for amazing deals in stores like William Sonoma!

Where to find:  Riedel, Baccarat, William Sonoma




7. The Durand Corkscrew ($125)

Made specifically for opening vintage wines, the Durand Corkscrew allows one to safely remove any old or damaged cork from the bottle without risking to break it.

While the chances are your friend(s) won’t use this corkscrew very often unless they work as a Sommelier at a high end restaurant or have a pretty amazing cellar at home (in which case please introduce us), this corkscrew is a unique and high end gift that will hopefully be put to use multiple times in its lifetime!

Where to find:


8. Code 38 P-Type Corkscrew ($410)

Perfect Gifts for wine lover

Rolls Royce of corkscrews, the Code38 P-Type is probably the most convenient, reliable and durable corkscrews that one can find out there, hence many sommeliers and wine professionals call it their own.

Although it comes with a heavy price tag of $410, this is probably the last corkscrew one will ever need.  Whoever receives it as a gift is definitely a lucky winner !

Where to find:


9. Coravin (Starting at $240)

If you have never seen and/or heard of a Coravin, you might wonder what this thing is on the left.

Well, this is neither a tattoo needle nor a futuristic corkscrew, but a wine preservation system that allow you to enjoy a sip, a glass, or more from any bottle without opening it and therefore save the rest for weeks

To make it short, not only is the Coravin one of the most impressive tool on the market but it is also one of the most useful and revolutionary.

Should any of your wine-collecting friends not own that already, this is your call to action.

Where to find:



10. A Champagne Saber ($150 – $7,500)

Ok… while this one may be a little (or rather extremely) extravagant, it definitely calls for a very unique and memorable gift.

With sabers varying in sizes, styles and price points, there are many options to pick from and you can easily find something that will light up your next champagne party!

Note: Think twice before offering that to anyone (or bringing it to a party)!!

Where to find:


Bonus pick: a very special and memorable wine ($35- $500)

Perfect Gifts for wine loverWhether it’s from a renown producer, a specific appellation or an acclaimed vintage, there are many things that make a wine special. The more you know about wine and your friend’s taste, the easiest it will be to pick that special bottle.

If you don’t feel confident picking it up by yourself, ask your neighborhood’s retailer for a very special recommendation.  As a risk free alternative, you can also go for the gift card option. Online Retailers like offer gift cards and have an amazing selection of wines to pick from.





If you have any other recommendations that you feel deserve a spot on this list, please feel free to share them with us !


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