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Cocktail Recipe | Apple Cider Old Fashioned

Inspired by the fall treats that we are all familiar with (and love), this simple twist on a classic Old Fashioned comes right in time for both Thanksgiving and Holiday gatherings. 

Whether it’s because of the ingredient costs or the preparation time needed, crafting seasonal cocktails at home or at a party might seem like a lot, and I have personally been discouraged by it more than once in the past.

As much as I enjoy seasonal/themed cocktails, I tend to always fall short of quick and easy recipes that are simple enough to make anytime and anywhere, without too much of a commitment. In preparation of this year’s Thanksgiving gatherings, I decided to tackle that issue by revisiting an easy-to-make classic cocktail with a simple seasonal twist.

With the idea of using only one or two ingredients that are not only affordable and easy to get, but also require no preparation ahead of time, I found that both apple cider and cinnamon were both a great starting point and right on point for Thanksgiving.

From there, Bourbon seemed like the most appropriate choice given both its flavor profile and fit for the season. I decided to go with the Wyoming Whisky Small Batch Bourbon for its intense notes of vanilla and baking spices, which I thought paired well with the spices of the apple cider, giving it an almost boozy apple pie flavor.

While the apple cider comes in as a fresh and crisp component, honey brings in some additional body, texture and balance. The ground cinnamon is a nice add-on that accentuates both the fall flavors and bourbon spices that we like so much.

All ingredients blend perfectly and the resulting cocktail is absolutely amazing. Best of all, the recipe is so easy that you (and even your guests) can make this cocktail anytime and anywhere!



  • Mix all ingredients in a stirring glass and stir with ice for a 10-15 sec.
  • Strain over a large ice cube in an Old Fashioned glass and sprinkle ground cinnamon on top.
  • Garnish the drink with 2 thin slices of apple, a cinnamon stick, and voila!

Let me know your thoughts! Cheers to you and Happy Thanksgiving ahead!

For any comment or inquiry, feel free to contact me directly.

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