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The 9 best liquor ads of all time

If a picture is worth a thousand wordsthen a video is worth a million.

From in-store tastings to celebrity endorsements, there are many things liquor brands can do to advertise their products toward their target consumers. Unfortunately, only a small number of brands make the choice to dedicate a chunk of their marketing budgets to videos, and that’s definitely a missed opportunity for attention.

While not every brand is capable to invest enough money to partner with Ridley Scott (see Hennessy ad) or leverage an in-house celebrity endorsement (Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin ad), this compilation proves that coming up with a really good concept can also make the difference, wether emotionally or ironically!  Turn your volume up and enjoy !

1. Johnnie Walker – Dear Brother

This is by far one of the simplest, yet most moving and beautiful commercials of my picks. Believe it or not, this ad was not even commissioned by the brand, but an original concept developed by the production company Dorian & Daniel.

2. Johnnie Walker – The Man Who Walked Around The World

We are now moving to a commercial that showcases storytelling in its most entertaining way. Here is another amazing commercial that perfectly embodies the spirit of Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking” motto.

3. Aviation Gin – The Process

Here is what happens when Ryan Reynolds puts his creativity to work for his gin brand “Aviation Gin”. A simple and hilarious video that yet manages to to educate as well as represent the spirit of the brand.

4. Southern Comfort – Whatever’s Comfortable

Moving on to another laughable commercial with Southern Comfort’s  “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign. I find it pretty funny to be honest, don’t you?

5. Hennessy – The Seven Worlds

Now we’re talking big bucks! I have no idea how much Hennessy paid for this commercial (the partnership with Ridley Scott AND the production costs), but the result is absolutely stunning. A journey through different universes based on the characteristics of Hennessy’s XO

6. Koskenkorva – Vodka from a Village

When a beautiful cinematography is paired it with an original voiceover, we end up with a pretty unique commercial for Koskenkorva Vodka. This one goes to show you that less is more and that you can achieve amazing results with a simple concept!

7. Woodstock Bourbon – How We Roll

Another pretty simple and funny concept that perfectly embodies the DNA of Woodstock Bourbon and their key unique selling point of turning barrels during the aging process.

8. Wodka Vodka – Make the Call

What  a commercial for Wodka Vodka!  This one is definitely a serious contender for the title of funniest commercials within my top 9!

9. Casamigos Tequila – It Could Happen, Please Drink Responsibly 

A touch of fun and a friendly reminder from George Clooney’s Tequila, Casamigos, to always drink responsibly, as you never know what can happen!

Hope you enjoyed my top 9 picks, and please feel free to share your best commercials with me as well !

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